Why Build with Green Home and why build modern Modular


  • Reduce the carbon footprint you leave on the planet with our reduced waste and efficent home building practices.  We build our homes indoors in a heated controlled enviroment on large steel jigs that keep the walls true and square.  Modern Modular is the future of home building!
  • Greenhome builds well beyond governmental standards and provides a durable high end home structure that is not possible to achieve in conventional on site builds.
  • Take advantage of our green solutions.   
  • Reduce your yearly maintanance and energy costs with a fully sealed envelope around your home.   We build from the inside walls out!  
  • Reduce building process time and eliminate weather and build site delays.
  • Respect the environment by choosing some or all of our durable, energy-efficient home options with our Green options program.


Modern Modular is the only true green home building option !